Brian Tafoya

The Life of Brian Tafoya

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Let Love Rule!

Who am I? I am a passionate guy who enjoys life to the fullest! Life is way too short not too!!!

Live, laugh, & Love!

I smile because I am happy, I smile even when I am sad… why you may ask? Because I know that I am blessed with Love!


So, now that I have that out of the way… allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian Tafoya and you have come across my little bit of html on the Interwebs.

I am a Software Engineer/Technology Consultant by trade with a background in Electrical. My passion is music and often can be found playing guitar/bass guitar and singing at many of the live music venues throughout Brevard County, Florida where I currently reside. (I am a member of a couple local rock cover bands and also perform solo under the alias Lucky Edward.)

From time to time I will post technical articles about devices I am familiar with, software projects, code libraries, song lyrics, activities I may be involved with, and so forth. There is always something new to learn and sharing what I learn is one of my most important goals in life.  I have my hands in a little of everything and sharing my experiences and knowledge will hopefully help others.

Peace and Love!
– Brian