Flying Sardine Can Cowboy

Traveling coast to coast, The Flying Sardine Can Cowboy, takes to the sky to see the woman he has been dreaming of.

Shuttle buses, airports, security checkpoints, rentals cars, taxis, toll roads, lines of busy business people. He weaves though traffic with a sense of determination.

He finally has made his destination. As he approaches, their pulse quickens. She makes her way to the door, relieved the trip is over.

Her smile instantly makes him forget the hours spent traveling coach.
Her embrace reminds him why he is there in the first place.

Then a kiss, one beyond words as he is captivated by her lips.
The passion, the warmth, the touch they’ve both been missing.

Nervousness has been overcome by fascination.
There minds both racing with anticipation.

There is no mistaking their feelings, the bond that draws them together.
It seems no amount of miles can come between them.

They make their way through the numbered days, enjoying every moment laughing and loving.
Until the day when he once again rides away, The Flying Sardine Can Cowboy.

As he makes his way back across the states, the smell of her lotion, the tone of her skin, the color of her eyes, the sound of her voice,
All fresh on his mind, keeps him smiling, thinking only of that woman he loves the most.

(c) 2011, Brian Tafoya. All Rights Reserved.

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