To Be With My Best Friend

All my life, or for as long as I can remember, there is one thing in life I have always striven for. Simply put, to be with my best friend.

See, life is about learning and growing from our actions. But we are not meant to do it alone, but rather we were meant to share our learning experiences with someone. That person should be the one you trust, the one you love, the one who shares your love, the one who trusts you. My best friend is exactly that, the one I share anything and everything with.

My best friend I choose to have in my life, and she chooses to be in mine. We share our love, our passion, we are lovers, we are companions, we are individuals, yet we are alike just the same. It matters not what the world around us “thinks” about us, for it is our world together that bring happiness.

So it is this, every day I continue on with my life, making friends, loving, smiling, sharing, and hoping, that I will be with my best friend… The woman who wants to be with me.

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