The Tightrope Between Insanity and Genius

I don’t quite know how to describe what I experienced in my sleep this evening other than “that’s how some great inventions/movies/games come to be!”. Apparently as I fell asleep I had been thinking about someone I had met, which led me to fall into this game state in which I was completing several scenarios to determine qualification, skills, and dedication to the ‘job’ at hand. Upon completion of each scenario I was that much closer to that person, making path choices, often failing only to try again.

But what was extremely odd is the technical level the game was taking place in. Objects with attributes and functions, logical pathways, transportation via portals based on geometry… it just went on and on!

Now I can see great potential in this being a truly awesome game, or a movie that would put Tron to shame!

But then it occurred to me, just MAYBE, I have been spending way too much time behind a computer programming complex algorithmic logic and my real life has begun to meld with my professional life! The last month’s lack of quality rest due to panic attacks all brought on my mind processing logical situations is all due to the stress level I have been experiencing!

All I can think of now is, “move over Stephen King for I’m about to join you and many other nut-cases who have made a living based on their personal insanity!” THANKFULLY, though meditation/prayer and having been recently introduced to acupressure, I am able to regain control of my thoughts and reduce the stress level. Insanity and Genius walk a tightrope together!

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