I Am One Lucky Guy!

I am one lucky guy! Why you ask, well I will tell you why!

So much has happened in this past year, so much I call the year of 2012 the year of the Chameleon! Almost everything changed in my life, you can say it was an opening of a mind so closed by pain. And not a physical pain, oh it was a psychological pain deep inside. So much pent up emotion, tragedy, insecurity, distrust. But let me preface with this… I was naive, unbeknown to me I was experiencing such issues. Now I will not go into any details nor will I cast any blame other than on myself.
For a great many years I thought my life was just fine. Living one day at a time, but only for that day it would seem as I had found great comfort in doing so. Sure I believed I was happy! I have three wonderful children, a great circle of friends, the ability to make music, and a loving heart. Didn’t have much going in the line of worldly possessions, most of the time I could barely make my ends meet! But eventually something had to give and all of the sorrow I had buried deep inside had to explode. And boy did it!
See it was going to take something quite drastic for me to face my demons. A couple of trips to the ER and a few weeks in Intensive Care Cardiac Units was my wake up call you can say. Well it only makes logical sense with a family history of heart disease on both sides of my bloodline that the emotional stresses in my life would target the weakest link within me. Now I understand what they meant when they told me “God works in mysterious ways!”. We as human beings where created with such precise balance and I believe all of creation is simply awe-inspiring with amazing detail and complexity in everything. I don’t have words to describe the “awesomeness” of our creator.
I was called to move to Florida when I did is my belief. Then is when it all started to fall into place, and was beyond my control. Life in this small city is peaceful, a complete and utter reversal from the life I had been leading since beginning my adult life. I look back and see the signs that had been given to me, yet see how blind I was too them. I was praying for guidance which I was receiving; Just not registering! Slowly I am learning how to read the signs.
It is inspiring how kind and loving most have been with me at a time when I thought that was lost in society. Not only with those I had dealings with while undergoing my health issues, but with the circle of new friends I have developed. I thought I had a large circle of friends in Arizona but am telling you it just continues to grow. Every week I am making new friends, new experiences, and sharing more love. I have some amazing people in my life! And to think music is at the core of most of it!
This is just the beginning I know, everyone gets a second chance every second of their lives. Just need to stop and read the signs!
Thank you God, first and foremost for answering my prayers and giving me the foresight to stop and read them! I thank my family for always loving me no matter what, my parents even from such a distance and I have grown closer I believe. My children whom I love with all my heart, there is nothing like their love to keep this soul alive! To my friends far and close, your love, kindness, prayers, and friendship is irreplaceable! And a big thank you for the new love that has entered my life and even further renewed this man’s faith in Love! (That sign I most certainly did see!)
Yes, I AM one lucky guy! Yes I do continue to live one day at a time, but it is a life with purpose and meaning! With Peace and Love!

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